I've been absent from this here blog for a while, and there are so many photos I've been meaning to share from vacations or everyday life, but I haven't gotten around to it. School is a stressful thing, you guys!

Anyway, I've had the lovely privilege of spending spring break with some of my closest gal pals in beautiful South Carolina (namely Greenville and Charleston). There's been SO much laughter and good food, and I've been richly blessed by people and things and beauty this trip. I don't want it to end, but real life has to happen eventually. 

**Disclaimer about the kitten: He's the worst, but also the cutest. I'm not a huge cat fan but this one got me. I took too many pictures of him, so please forgive me if you get sick of looking at him.

**Disclaimer #2: I don't know anything about the Baltimore Orioles aside from how comfortable my friend's shirt is. (I'm winking at you, Joy)



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