Oh, Demington. 

These are photos of my beloved childhood home in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. I look back on this home with fondness and remember every little detail of the place. My grandparents just sold it, so my mother and I went up to Cleveland to have a final farewell. We had a party, invited friends over, and shared memories held within the walls of 2233 Demington Drive.

I don't want to over-sentimentalize and misremember the home by drowning it in made-up nostalgia, but I do want to remember the good parts well, because I've found so often I remember the bad parts about people and places, and fail to celebrate the good in things. 

Place is a very significant thing for us humans. Home is significant. It echoes our final, eternal home. My friend Frederick Buechner says home often brings to mind first a place and then a person or people. This home on Demington Drive was both a place and people. I am thankful for the time I spent there, for the seasons of life it saw us through, and that it can be home for someone else now.

Enjoy these photos. They help me remember.




Christina Marie Photography 2017 Couples Choice Award Winner