I'm a spunky gal with a penchant for fun and good lighting. 


A bit (more) about me:

An Ohioan gal at heart, I grew up loving the bright green grass and dark earth of the north and the killer sunsets on Lake Eerie. I moved "down South" 15 years ago and have been charmed by its hospitable people, southern gentlemen (ahem, more on that later), and scenic 'scapes ever since. Oh, and I really go by Christina (although the double name has a nice ring to it).

Since that snowy Ohio Christmas that my beloved Poppy gave me a digital point-and-shoot camera (I wish I could say it was film, but I'd be lying), I became fascinated with what I could do to manipulate the light and environment around me to create a good image. I read the camera manual cover-to-cover and haven't put a camera down since.

I moved to Chattanooga for college, and here I met & married my best friend, Andrew. He's the garlic and herb butter to my toasted ciabatta bread, and he's my number one cheerleader. Marriage is grand and difficult and more beautiful than we could've known. Getting married has given me a whole new appreciation for my couples and the beauty and power of a wedding day.

Why Christina Marie?

I love meeting people, making them feel comfortable, and telling their stories through compelling images. I love photographing people with real, human emotions. I enjoy both dignifying life's seemingly mundane moments and capturing the effervescence of life's most exuberantly happy ones. 

I have been photographing weddings professionally for over six years, and the thing I love most about them is how completely human every single wedding is. A wedding day follows a typical pattern, but once you get inside that pattern, it's different and beautiful every time. I want to tell your story as your story, complete with all the nerves, the butterflies, the anxiety, the tenderness, the tears, and the unabashed joy.

Here are a ton of my favorite things:

  • Documentaries
  • Thai food
  • All the dogs
  • Improv comedy
  • Take offs & landings
  • Interior design
  • All things Italian
  • Matcha Lattés
  • Psychology
  • Bright colors & crazy patterns
  • Traveling
  • Breaking it down on the dance floor
  • Saturday morning light through blinds
  • Close friendships
  • Belly laughter until it hurts
  • The Roman Catholic Church
  • My rockin' hot husband
  • And, of course— photography.

Talk to me about any of these things and we’ll probably be besties.


What else?

Although I specialize as a wedding and engagement photographer, I have experience in a broad variety of styles--here's a handful:

  • Events (corporate shindigs, birthday bashes, you name it!)
  • Lifestyle (at-home) sessions
  • Birth photography
  • Product/commercial photography
  • Travel photography

Anything else you want me to shoot? The answer is probably yes. I'm up for an adventure, and my specialty lies in capturing creative photos with a very human feel. No stiff poses here, folks. Just you, your lover, and maybe a little bit of pixie dust.

 Who inspires me?

Here are a few artists I respect and admire:


If you're picking up what I'm putting down, head on over to my contact page and let's get in touch. I realize that picking your wedding photographer is a big decision, so I would love to schedule a free consultation with you. I look forward to getting to know you and your story! 

Christina Marie Photography 2017 Couples Choice Award Winner